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Part-Time Program

2024 Academic Year DF Program (6).png

Tuition: $800 per semester. No student is turned away due to financial hardship.


1. Elementary knowledge of Arabic or higher.

2. Ability to commit to studying 3 hrs a day, for 3+ days a week.

3. Past background studying Islam, such as through Safina Society, Arkview, SeekersGuidance, etc.

4. A dedication to seeking knowledge and consistency.


1. Summer Semester (Mandatory for all incoming students):

- Arabic Beginners Track: Arabi Bayna Yadayk I + Lessons in Nahw (Grammar) and Sarf

- Arabic Intermediate Track: Bayna Yadayk II + Advanced Verb Forms

2. Fall Term

Aqida: Aqida Al-Tahawiya


    - Maliki Fiqh: Ashmawiya or

    - Hanafi Fiqh: Is'af Al-Muridin

Arabic: Matn Al-Bina and Qisas Al-Nabiyeen

3. Spring Term

Aqida: Irshad Al-Murid


     - Maliki Fiqh: Ibn Ashir or

     - Hanafi Fiqh: Maraqi Al-Sadat

Arabic: Al-Ajrumiya and Qisas Al-Nabiyeen

Academic Calender:

- First Day of Summer Intensive: June 16th, 2024

- Last Day of Summer Intensive: August 8th, 2024

- First Day of Fall Semester: September 8th, 2024

- Last Day of Fall Semester: December 19th, 2024

- First Day of Spring Semester: January 5th, 2024

- Last Day of Spring Semester: TBD

For Sisters: Sisters will also have the opportunity to participate in additional sisters'-only sessions with the teachers & seminars.

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