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Part-Time Program


10 am - 1 pm


Aqida 101


6-8 pm



7-10 pm

Maliki Fiqh & Hanafi Fiqh 101



After Maghrib


Tasawwuf w. Dr. Shadee & Mawlid


Open Hours

Mon-Thur 4-8

Qari Zahid

*at NBIC

The Fall tuition is $800 divided into four monthly payments. No student is turned away due to lack of funds. Students can use PDFs of the books covered or buy their own personal copies online.

Classes start September 16th, 2023 insha Allah. Schedule subject to change.

For Sisters: Sisters will also have the opportunity to participate in additional sisters'-only sessions with the teachers & seminars.

Regarding Hifz, students may go at any time with session lengths of their own choosing any day Monday through Thursday 4-8pm. Session length is also at the discretion of the student.

Through tuition, we are able to support the following:

  • Operations for our facility

  • A public library of Islamic texts in Tafsir, Hadith, Fiqh, Aqida, and more

  • Our routine offerings such as our classes and online programs

See Curriculum

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