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We are pleased to announce the pilot program of our theological college, Darul Fath. It offers in-depth classes multiple times a week for those with an intense drive to climb the ladder of Islamic scholarship. This Fall, we are offering a part-time program for both men and women. 

Accepting Admissions for Part-Time Program:

Learn more about the Part-Time Program in Fiqh, Aqida, Hadith, Tasawwuf, and more...


   Safina Society began with the Sunday 'Uwaylim Scholarship Track class, taught by Dr. Shadee Elmasry at the New Brunswick Islamic Center. Darul Fath is the extension of that course, diving deeper into the world of scholarship for those whose commitment has solidified and matured. While instruction is in English, we use Arabic texts that have been studied throughout the ages across the umma. Our vision is to become a full-time Alim program and theological college.

Classes are currently held at 367 Somerset St in New Brunswick (the same location of our soup kitchen) as well as the New Brunswick Islamic Center. 

Meet our team  

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