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Darul Fath Summer Intensive

We are pleased to announce an 8-week summer intensive program learning the Islamic sciences of Fiqh, Aqida, Hadith, and Tasawwuf. The program is open to brothers and sisters of all levels. 

This program is a comprehensive study of the Islamic sciences using the same traditional texts used to train scholars for hundreds of years, taught by scholars that have an unbroken chain of narration (sanad) back to the Messenger ﷺ.

This intensive will cover the fard 'ayn, or knowledge that is obligatory for every individual to know. This will include Aqida (creed) and Fiqh, discussed at a college level, including assignments and assessments. We will also be covering the 40 Hadith of Imam Al-Nawawi with its commentaries along with lessons on Tasawwuf (purification).

Program Details


  • Week 1: June 19th, 2023

  • Week 8: August 12th, 2023



  • Monday - Thursday (7-10 pm)

  • Maliki & Hanafi Fiqh are on same day and time.

  • Schedule will be announced closer to start date.



  • NBIC & 367 Somerset Street, New Brunswick, NJ

  • In-person only. No online or recordings will be offered.



  • Ability to read Qur'an.

  • Above 16 years old.



  • $150 Early Registration (Deadline Eid-ul-Fitr)

  • $200 Regular Registration

  • Free for Darul Fath Students

  • Financial Aid options

Course Curriculum

Maliki Fiqh

  • Kitab Al-Akhdari (Imam Abdul-Rahman Al-Akhdari)

  • Instructor: Sh. Harun Saleh



Hanafi Fiqh

  • Is'af Al-Muridin (Imam Al-Maydani)

  • Instructor: Sh. Imran Ahmed




  • Umm Al-Barahin (Imam Al-Sanusi) or Aqida Al-Tahawiyya (Imam Abu Ja'far Al-Tahawi)

  • Instructor: Sh. Meurad Osman




  • The 40 Ahadith of Imam Al-Nawawi

  • Instructor: Sh. Meurad Osman/Sh. Imran Ahmed




  • Selected Texts in Tasawwuf

  • Dr. Shadee Elmasry



*details subject to change

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